Corpora of recordings elicited through the Rep Task protocol

A page dedicated to the Rep Task protocol has been set up on the LLF website:


There is already one corpus available and two others will follow.

SMI eye tracking glasses

The two sets of eye tracking glasses arrived last week. After some testing it appears that they are well suited for the purpose of building a dialogue corpus.

In order to test the system, we created a task where one dialogue partner instructs the other to build a structure form everyday-life objects. Below, you can find the dialogue script and eye movement statistics for the most important objects. If you are logged in, you can also download the two videos with the current eye position marked as an orange circle.



Eye-tracking glasses soon to arrive


Reading Corpus Report

A first version of the report of the construction of an eye-tracking reading corpus based on the French Tree Bank Texts is now available.

You can only see and download this file if you are logged in.


Reading corpus

Our intern Camille DeJarnett (MIT) finished collecting data for an eye-tracking extension of the French treebank. It consists of texts from Le Monde and will provide all important reading measures like first fixation duration, total reading time, regressions etc.
We thank all our volunteers that took part in the study!



Here are the slides of the first meeting on the construction of a dialogue corpus
You can only see and download this file if you are logged in and have selected this article by clicking on its title

Eye tracking glasses

We are currently waiting for the funding of a new eye-tracking system, which will be used for the dialogue corpus. 

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