EM4: Maintaining and mutualizing existing platforms, installing new platforms


Coordinator: Thierry Nazzi, Barbara Hemforth

Participants in the Labex EFL: Judit Gervain, Thierry Nazzi, Willy Serniclaes, Liliane Spenger-Charolles (LPP, Paris5), Frédéric Isel, Boris New, Sébastien Pacton (LPNCog, Paris 5), Rachid Ridouane, Cecile Fougeron, Pierre Hallé, Jacqueline Vaissière, Lise Crevier-Buchmann (LPP, Paris 3)


For experimental studies presented in all strands, experimental paradigms will have to be prepared and implemented for behavioral studies (including eyetracking), EEG-studies, and neuroimaging studies. Details of the paradigms are spelled out in the respective strands. Technical assistants with special expertise for the different paradigms will be indispensable for these tasks. PhD students as well as selected students on the Master’s level will be trained by members of the Labex EFL as well as by the respective technical assistants.

A new mutualized platform will moreover be installed at Paris 7 including soundproof chambers, interactive boards, and eyetracking equipment.



Main research area

Time frame

Installation of mutualized platform at Paris 7

All levels of analysis


Researchers and students will be accompanied for the whole duration of the project

All levels of analysis