Resources for conducting experiments

This is a small collection of helpful tools and ressources that can be used to prepare, run and analyze experiments. It is still under construction. If you have a question with regard to any of the described tools, please don't hesitate to come to our office hour or write an email


Preparation of Materials

Free frequency database for written and spoken french:

Software and equipement for running experiments

Open-source software to run experiments locally

PsychoPy (mac os, windows, linux) This is a relatively new software including a graphical user interface. It seems to be very intuitive and easy to use. Complex randomizations and LatinSquare designs are not build-in, but precompiled experiment lists can be fed in as excel-files. A short you-tube demo is available here.

Psyscope (mac os) This is a software developped for Mac OS including a graphical user interface to set up experiments. The project page seems to be out of date, not sure whether it supports Lion, but it works for Leopard and SnowLeopard

Praat (available for windows, linux and mac)  is mostly used for speech analysis, but is equipped with a function for running simple perception experiments. An English tutorial is available here, a French tutorial by Takeki Kamiyama (LPP) is available here

Platforms for web-surveys

Ibexfarm is a platform and hosting service to run questionnaire studies on the web. Experiments are implemented by javascript files with no graphical user interface available. More information here.

webexp is a platform to run questionnaire studies on the web. Requires to set up a server to collect the responses

Software and equipment available within Labex EFL

LLF, Paris 7

Eyelink 2 head-mounted eye-tracker  (used for reading or visual world studies)
ExperimentBuilder  software package to program and run eye-tracking experiments
ePrime software package to program and run experiments

contact emilia dot ellsiepen at linguist dot jussieu dot fr

LPP, Paris 3

Caméra standard & haute vitesse
Micro statique ou dynamique
Photoglottographe non-invasif
Station EVA2
Système de capture de mouvement (motion capture)

LPP Speech, Paris 5 Descartes (babylab): 

Head turn preference paradigm
Switch task paradigm
Tobii eye tracker

Language tests

The Language History questionnaire is a useful tool to gather information about the status of an L2 for a speaker. It is highly recommended when working with bilinguals.

Data Analysis

Analor is a tool that allows to semi-automatically segment speech recordings and extract prosodic boundaries.

R is an open source software to analyze your data using inferential statistics. As it is essentially a programming language, it is not easy to use for everybody. For several kinds of analyses, however, it is the best option. Please refer to the materials of the statistics course for further information.

SPSS is a commercial software package for running statistical analyses. It is available only on one machine at LLF, Paris7.

Excel can be used for simple statistical tests like t-test and chi square.