Statistics colloquium

We currently plan to offer an open statistics colloquium, where we analyze real data from the participating researchers together. The goal is to give an opportunity to see the analysis of different data types in practice, and to give individual assistance. This is not a statistics course, so participants should have a background in statistics and preferrably also in R  already, either from taking part in our statistics course, or some comparable source.
If you are interested in taking part, please indicate your availability in this doodle ( . Note that the time slots stand for your general availability on those week days. If none of the time slots is convenient for you, but you are interested in taking part, please indicate this by not selecting any time slot in the doodle and sending me an email (emilia dot ellsiepen at linguist dot jussieu dot fr) with your availabilities. Please also send me an email, if you did not take part in our statistics course in order for me to be able to contact you.