Statistics course

We offer an introductory two-day course in the statistical analysis of experimental data. This course aims at providing a background in inferential statistics and hypothesis testing and cover major test types. It is composed of a theoretical part and a practical part using the free software package r. The course language is English.

We plan to have another instance of this course this fall. If you are interested, please take part in the doodle poll AND write an email to emilia dot ellsiepen at linguist dot jussieu dot fr.

The program in detail:

1st day morning:

  • statistical hypothesis testing
  • t-test
  • error types
  • factorial anova
  • chi-square test
  • paired-sample test
  • data preparation

1st day afternoon:

  • introduction to R
  • basic commands, handling data
  • running t-tests and anovas
  • running chi-square tests

2nd day morning:

  • correlation
  • regression
  • including random effect terms
  • mixed effect models

2nd day afternoon:

  • preparing data
  • identifying experimental variables
  • running mixed effect models and likelihood ratio tests

The course was first held December 2012, a second time in January 2013, and a third time in July 2013.

The materials are available here for logged in users.