Statistics course

Here are the materials used for the statistics course in December.

You can only see and download the files, if you are logged in.  If you are interested in taking part in the second course, which will take place January 31st and February 1st, please write an email to emilia dot ellsiepen at linguist dot univ-paris-diderot dot fr


Bilan scientifique de l’opération Labex-EFL Axe 7 EM2 « Cross-mediated endangered language elicitation » de l’année 1 (2011-2012)

Coordinateur: Jean-Léo LEONARD (IUF-LPP CNRS Paris 3)

Rapport au 11 Octobre 2014

Description de l’activité de l’opération EM2 concernant le bilan (année 1):


Statistics Course News

The course on statistical analysis of experimental data will take place December 17th and 18th. However, since there were a number of people interested, there will be a second course in January. If you are interested in taking part, please indicate your availability in this doodle poll 


Statistics Course

We offer an introductory two-day course in statistical analysis of experimental data in December. This course aims at providing a background in inferential statistics and hypothesis testing and cover major test types (t-test, chi-square test, anova, possibly mixed effect models). The course will be composed of a theoretical part and a practical part using excel and r. The lectures will be held in English. If you are interested in taking part, please indicate your availability in the doodle.


Materials Ted Gibson's lecture

The reading materials for Ted Gibson's lecture are now online. You will only be able to access them if you are logged in. To receive a log-in please email to emilia dot ellsiepen at linguist dot jussieu dot fr.
Lecture 1 Methods to study language (Quantitative linguistics)
Lecture 2 The representation of syntactic information
Lecture 3  Syntax, words: word length; lexical ambiguity; surprisal; uniform information density

Cours linguistique expérimentale

cours de Jean-Marie Marandin, Barbara Hemforth et Benoît Crabbé à l'école européenne d’été - Biennale d’Histoire des Théories Linguistiques (Expérience, empiricité, experimentation en linguistique: Histoire et épistémologie)


Reading corpus

Our intern Camille DeJarnett (MIT) finished collecting data for an eye-tracking extension of the French treebank. It consists of texts from Le Monde and will provide all important reading measures like first fixation duration, total reading time, regressions etc.
We thank all our volunteers that took part in the study!


Ibex demo experiment

We constructed an ibex demo experiment illustrating the different test types that can be used. The demo is here, the general description of ibex in the resources section of em4.


Presentation slides

Here are the slides of our seminar held in MII, LLF, Llacan, Lacito, Sedyl, LaTTiCe. 
You can only see and download this file if you are logged in and have selected this article by clicking on its title. If you would like to receive a log-in or if you would prefer to have the slides sent to you by email, please contact  emilia dot ellsiepen at linguist dot univ-paris-diderot dot fr


Seminar at Lattice

We will be visiting Lattice for a seminar on experimental methods and our consulting service June, 19th at 2.30 pm.



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